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Online Pharmacy Affiliate Programs

Below we detail some of the better online pharmacy affiliate programs that are available on the web. As OPAs that have actually used these programs, we personally recommend them because we have used them, done well, and got paid (a factor that should never be taken lightly).

Link Share
Linkshare offers numerous affiliate program options, including some non-prescription and herbal offers. Through them, you can also sign up for the affiliate program of 1-800-PetMeds, one of the more popular pet prescription medications websites.

While it doesn't offer products that require a prescription, ZenMed offers a wide range of extremely popular men's and women's health products and natural treatments for a number of common conditions including acne, rosacea and hemorrhoids.

A number of online pharmacy affiliate programs (including's) are run directly through the ClickXChange network. This network is basically a meeting place between Advertisers and Affiliates, so when you sign up as an affiliate, all you then need to do is search for the specific online pharmacy affiliate program that you want join and presto!

More affiliate programs will be added to this list soon. We basically add them as we use 'em and prove 'em!
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