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Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate)

Clomiphene Citrate, also know by the brand names Clomid and Serophene, is a fertility drug that is usually prescribed for the treatment of ovulatory failure in women who want to become pregnant and whose husbands are 'fertile'. Clomid is relatively inexpensive and works by stimulating the release of a woman's specific hormones that are necessary for ovulation (release of an egg) to occur. This stimulated ovulation can be done for women who's ovaries are in good working order but just has not had enough hormonal stimulation for pregnancy to occur.

Looking to buy Clomid online?
As detailed above, Clomid is relatively inexpensive and Prescriptions1 offers you the best online options for purchasing Clomid and other prescription medication online. Buying online is smart, because you're likely to save when you buy Clomid at an online pharmacy, vs. buying directly from your local drugstore. Do some looking around for yourself and compare if you like. If you end up buying from a Canadian online pharmacy, you're likely to find yourself saving anywhere between 20% and 80% on your prescription drug purchases. Before you buy Clomid online however, it is important that you speak to a doctor first, in order for him/her to help determine if Clomid is right / safe for you.

Important notes about Clomid & fertility
When you take Clomid, properly timed sexual intercourse is a key aspect of helping to increase the chances of conception. The likelihood of conception will however decrease with each succeeding course of Clomid treatment. A doctor is the best person to determine how your course of treatment should go and for how long.

Who should not take Clomid?
Unless otherwise directed by a doctor, you should not take Clomid if you have an abnormality of the brain such as a pituitary gland tumor, an uncontrolled thyroid or adrenal gland disorder, abnormal uterine bleeding of undetermined origin, ovarian cysts, a liver disease or a history of liver problems, or enlargement of the ovaries not caused by polycystic ovarian syndrome (a hormonal disorder that causes lack of ovulation).

Clomid Dosage
The normal recommended Clomid dosage for the very first course of treatment is 50 milligrams (1 tablet) daily for five days. If ovulation does not appear to have occurred, the doctor may try up to two more times. Hopefully, ovulation would have occured by then. If not, you may want to consider other fertility drugs.

Missed Clomid Dose
If you're taking Clomid and you miss a dose, take the missed dose as soon as possible. If you remember at the point when it is time for the next dose, take both doses together; then return to your regular dosing schedule. If you miss more than one dose, contact your doctor immediately.

Clomid is not guaranteed to work for everyone, and in most cases, the success of Clomid treatment will be very dependent on the underlying cause as to why the woman cannot ovulate. During the course of treatment, the doctor will help to determine this and other matters related to your specific case. Good luck!

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