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Effexor is typically prescribed for the treatment of depression that interferes with the daily functioning of a person. Effexor works on two specific chemicals (serotonin & norepinephrine) in the brain that are thought to be directly linked to depression in individuals. It works to correct any imbalance of these two chemicals, thus helping to relieve symptoms of depression.

To Buy Effexor Online
If you want to buy Effexor online, fortunately there are many online pharmacy options that will likely save you anywhere between 20% and as much as 80%, especially when compared to prices at the typical drugstore around the corner, in your town, city or wherever. Prescriptions1.Net offers the best online pharmacy options, including some Canadian pharmacies that offer the same quality and actual prescription medication that you will find at a local pharmacy.

Effexor XR
Effexor XR is the extended-release form of Effexor, and can be taken in daily doses, unlike the regular Effexor which must be taken 2 or 3 times daily.

Important information about Effexor
Before you buy Effexor, pay close attention to this information. Serious, and even sometimes fatal reactions have been known to occur when Effexor has been used in combination with other drugs that are known as MAO inhibitors. This includes the antidepressants Nardil and Parnate. A patient should never take Effexor while taking any one of these drugs, and should wait at least 14 days after discontinuing treatment with one of them, before purchasing and using Effexor. Importantly also, patients should allow at minimum 7 days between the last dose of Effexor and the first dose of an MAO inhibitor.

Although Effexor does not interact with alcohol, it is recommended that you avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible while taking this medication. If you stop taking it suddenly, you could experience withdrawal symptoms, so it is recommended that you not stop taking Effexor without the guidance and consultation of a doctor.

How should Effexor be taken?
It should be taken exactly as prescribed by a doctor, and with food. It may take as long as a few weeks for a patient to start feeling improvements from using Effexor, but a doctor should be checking on this progress periodically.

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