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OxyContin (Oxycodone hydrochloride)

OxyContin is a pain reliever and is actually a form of Oxycodone, an extremely strong and effect prescription pain reliever. OxyContin is typically prescribed where the patient is experiencing moderate to severe levels of pain, and thus where constant, 24-hour relief from this pain is needed for an extended period period of time.

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How does OxyContin work?
OxyContin is designed to slowly release Oxycodone within the body over time, thus allowing it to be used by a patient, twice daily.

Important facts about OxyContin
When you take OxyContin, ensure that you swallow the tablets whole. They should never be crushed, broken or chewed.

How should OxyContin be taken?
When prescribed, OxyContin should be taken every twelve hours, in the exact dosage prescribed by the doctor. It is not intended for occasional or "as needed" use, and should never be taken more often that directed by a physician. If your current dose does not seem to relieve your pain well enough, speak to your doctor about increasing the dosage, but never increase the dosage without speaking first a doctor.

Who should not take OxyContin?
Before buying and taking OxyContin, let a doctor know if you have any prior medical conditions, and provide as many details as possible about your medical history. You should also let the doctor know of any prescription or non-prescription medicines that you are currently taking or plan to take (and thus would overlap). Both these matters are important, because in some instances, the doctor may need to adjust the patient's dosage or suggest special monitoring.

See our other important OxyContin links above to the right, including information on other possible side effects of using OxyContin. We also have a detailed list of pain relievers that may be considered as possible alternatives to OxyContin.

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