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Vioxx (Rofecoxib)

Vioxx is a relatively new type of pain reliever that is used in the treatment of pain from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, menstruation (dysmenorrhea), and other sources of acute pain. It was approved by the FDA in mid-1999, and has two dosage forms - tablets and oral suspension. Vioxx is from a type of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory prescription medicines (NSAIDs) called "COX-2 inhibitors." Other examples of COX-2 inhibitors include Celebrex and Bextra.

Looking to buy Vioxx online?
Previously you could buy Vioxx directly online through one of Prescriptions1.Net's online pharmacy partners. However, due to the recent recall of Vioxx by its manufacturer, we no longer offer the option to purchase Vioxx. There may be some online pharmacies that offer Vioxx for sale for weeks and even months to come, but just be aware that this prescription drug has recently been recalled by its maker (more details in the fineprint in the far column to the right of this text). That aside, below, we've outlined more information about Vioxx for you.

How Vioxx works
Vioxx targets a key source of the pain that you may be experiencing. It specifically targets only the COX-2 enzyme, which is a key source of pain and inflammation. According to reports on some clinical studies, Vioxx, when taken once daily, effectively reduced the pain and stiffness being experienced by its users.

How should Vioxx be taken?
Vioxx should be taken once a day only. The patient's doctor may already have decided what Vioxx dosage is right for them, and for how long it should be taken. If this hasn't yet been done and decided, they should consult a doctor before taking Vioxx.

Vioxx the "Wonder Pill"?
Vioxx is often called the "Wonder Pill" because it is effective at relieving pain and stiffness all day and all night for a full 24 hours. Importantly also, you don't have to worry about scheduling Vioxx around meals, because it can be taken with or without food.

Can Vioxx be taken with other medicines?
If you are taking Vioxx, it is important that you let your doctor know about all other prescription and non-prescription medicines that you are taking at the time, or plan to take. Your doctor will be able to check and ensure that it is indeed safe for you to take this medicine(s) while taking Vioxx.

What else can be done while taking Vioxx, in order to reduce or manage the pain?
Controlling your weight, exercising frequently, using hot and cold treatments and using support devices where available and applicable are all options that may help lead to further relief. Talk to your doctor about implementing all or some of the options above.

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