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Wellbutrin (bupropion)

Wellbutrin is a type of antidepressant drug that is typically used to relieve certain major kinds of depression. Aside from it's generic name (Bupropion hydrochloride), different Wellbutrin versions, Wellbutrin SR and Wellbutrin XL, and it is also sold under the brand name Zyban SR.

Want to buy Wellbutrin online?
Prescriptions1.Net offers some of the best options for you to purchase Wellbutrin online at excellent discounted prices. Online pharmacy options are likely to offer you anywhere between 20% and 80% off the typical retail drugstore price for the same drug in the United States. Before you buy Wellbutrin however, it is important to get a better understanding of what this drug does and what you should say to your doctor to see if Wellbutrin is right for you.

Wellbutrin is used to treat the type of depression where the patient has been in a severely depressed mood for two weeks or more, and has lost interest or pleasure in what would be normal activities. This mood will also be accompanied by sleep and appetite disturbances, agitation or lack of energy, feelings of worthlessness, inability to concentrate and decreased sex drive.

Important facts about Wellbutrin
- Although Wellbutrin may cause weight gain, a more common effect is actually weight loss. An estimated 28 percent of Wellbutrin patients lose five pounds or more. If depression has already caused you to lose weight, and if further weight loss could be bad for your health, Wellbutrin may not be the best antidepressant option for you
- Unlike the tricyclic antidepressants (such as Elavil, Tofranil etc.), Wellbutrin tends to have a somewhat stimulating effect

Wellbutrin SR
Wellbutrin is the regular formulation, and Wellbutrin SR is the sustained-release formulation. It is specially formulated to release slowly into the patient's body. If you take Wellbutrin SR, you should never crush, chew, or break these sustained-release tablets.

How is Wellbutrin different from Zyban?
Zyban is a nicotine-free aid to help a person to stop smoking. Instead of nicotine, it contains the same active ingredient as found in the antidepressant medication Wellbutrin. It works by boosting the levels of several chemical messengers in the brain. When more of these chemicals are at work, the patient should experience a reduction in nicotine withdrawal symptoms and a definite weakening of the urge to smoke.

Importantly, before you buy Wellbutrin, be sure to speak to a doctor about any drugs you may be taking (how they will interact with Wellbutrin) as well as any past medical conditions or family health history that may help him/her determine whether or not Wellbutrin is right for you.

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